Thursday, August 13, 2009

New beginning

I'm here!

The flight was long and hard but I finally made it! I was relieved when I got off my last plane and the Chinchen family (my host family) was shouting my name. Their daughter Bess will be in my class so that is exciting! Everyone has been really nice and welcoming and have made the whole process of coming to a third world country a somewhat comfortable one.

I have a huge house on the school campus! It has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. I have the most space to myself that I've ever had. It is all dirty and bare right now though and I don't have much time to clean it up. I spent yesterday shopping for food and all day today working on my classroom. Shopping is an experience let me tell ya. We went to 2 stores and the market to buy groceries. They have more then I thought they would but they say it is expensive. I can't really tell yet because $1500 sounds like a lot to me but apparently is pretty cheap haha. I'm hoping I will get used to it soon so I can barter like everyone else. If you don't, they will sell you something for way more then its worth.

Something that is interesting is that there are a lot of animals on the campus. I'll be walking down the sidewalk and a deer will come up to me. It is another missionaries pet. There are also lots of dogs, roosters, turkeys, pet rats, and pigs. There are also lots of kids on campus and look like that have so much fun all the time!

Anyway, as for working, I went to my classroom today and worked on it for 8 hours. I feel like I have hardly even started yet. I'm nervous for school to start and could use some prayer in that area! It is nice being down the street from the school so I can work on my classroom anytime.

Tomorrow will be exciting because I have to learn to drive a stick shift! There are 3 cars the missionaries share if they dont have one and they are all stick.

And no, sadly I have not seen a giraffe yet. I will let you know when I do.
My roommate and I are looking into other ministries in the city of Lilongwe with an orphanage. There are so many we just need to pick one.
Ok, thats a little bit of whats going on here. I'll put pictures up when I take them


  1. I can't believe you're halfway around the world... Miss your face. You will be my evening/morning prayer person.

  2. great update whot! you are in our thoughts and prayers! :)

  3. you pet a deer??? does it interact like a dog? how many people can say they play with a deer??? p.s. I got a blog so I can comment on urs ha

  4. Wow that deer is adorable!
    That must be so awesome! Im praying for you!