Monday, August 30, 2010

Rats on a Stick

Yummmmy! I finally made my way to the side of the road to buy a mouse on a stick. They were much smaller then I always imagined them. Not really any meat on there. The tails were really gross and they still had all their teeth. I was told the fur gets singed off but there was definitely lots of fur left. Of course I ate one..:-)

My neighbors saw me walking up with the rats (I was about to use them for my 3rd prank of the day) and they wanted to eat them. I was shocked when their moms got their video cameras and told their boys to take a big bite! Something is definitely right about those rats or the moms wouldn't let them eat them. Part of a balanced diet of course.

We asked what it tasted like and he said salty chicken. Notice the appropriate t-shirt.

One of the best parts is the way they are clamped onto the stick. They split the stick, shoved the little mice between it at the neck, then closed it tight with a string. And bada-bing, you've got Mickey in rigamortis. Glad I could share the experience with you all. Come visit!:-D