Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meet the New Kids

Here's the Happy New First Graders!


( Sibonani)

(Al-baatin, AKA: Bubba)

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I just got back from Senza Village! I was my first time back since I've been back in Malawi. I've been trying to get settled in my classroom and in my new home before starting our Saturday treks to the village. About 50-60 kids showed up (the regulars) and were eager to hear about the gospel. Our two Malawian friends who go with us, Khuzwayo and Chisomo, were talking to the adults while Katie and I waited in the little church with the kids. Katie and I decided that we know the songs, why not start one? So we began the song and the children sang right along to Palibe Ofana. After that, Chisomo told the story of the Good Samaritan while we acted it out. Next, I told the kids about sin and asked them who has sinned. They all agreed that they are mean to each other everyday. I explained forgiveness and Christ's salvation and we prayed that Jesus would come into our hearts. I don't know how many understand but it is not about me understanding anyway. It frustrates me when I can't tell what they're staying and can't quite get a feel for what they understand. I told about my frustration to a man that I met at the end who trains men in the village to pastor the new church. He reminded me that it doesn't matter if I win hearts. My job is to tell them the Truth, and God will do the rest. That made my day so I wanted to share it with you! Don't worry about feeling like you've done a good job. All you must do is tell the gospel, and God will speak to the hearts of those he has chosen. I'm so glad he does that because otherwise, I would feel like a failure! God is so much more mighty in my eyes when I realize my need for him in every aspect in my life. So you can imagine, being in Malawi really opens my eyes to his power!

Please pray for the people of Senza village. They have 5,500 bricks made for their new church building. They're working to have 15,000 before rainy season starts in a couple months. After those are ready, we are working out how to get cement and sheet metal for the rest of the church. Please pray for God to give me wisdom and for him to be involved in everything we do at the village. I know that it is bound to become disastrous if I am in charge.

Back to School Night is on Monday night. I've been working hard getting everything prepared for it but am still nervous to present to the 2 groups of parents.

Ballet has started and my classes are overflowing with eager little ballerinas! ABC has a new studio for our classes. I am busy getting more barres made for it.

Thank the Lord for the great year ahead of me! He has answered my prayers and brought fun and kind staff this year and I am hopeful for what this year will bring!
Thanks for your prayers!

John 3:30
He must become greater; I must become less.