Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Once apon a muddy road

Once apon a time, I tried to go to the village with a couple of Malawian college students to ministry to the kids. We were hopefull, even though last time we tried the car broke. It was a beautiful day! The sun was shining and the Africans were out and about.
Shortly after beginning our journey, we came to a hole in the "road" filled with water and surrounded by thick mud. After careful deliberation, I proceded to go through the mud at about 2 Kelometers an hour.

After bumping along very slowly for a while, we came to a village! It must be market day!

OOOO AHHHH look at all that cool stuff! Lets go shopping!

There was a problem though. There was a huge ditch through the middle of the road and blankets of merchandise spread out along the "good" part of the road. I don't think they were expecting any guests.

People gathered around as I stopped and started in my standard car. "AZUNGU!" they shouted. (white person) I gave a wave and a wink then got back to business.

They seemed confused why I couldn't get the car through. They all had advice to give, even though most have never driven a car.

Cooswayo directed me on safe ground... sorta. I accidently ran over some pants someone was selling on the road. Thats right. Not next to the road, ON the road.

It is hard driving under pressure. Bright got out of the car and bought snacks as we tried to make our way through.

We have already turned around a couple of times and this is our last road to try. It doesn't look so bad............
And then we came to THIS. I stopped dead in my tracks and tried to process a way to get through the huge muddy potholes.

Bright went to survey the land to see if it was safe to cross. Of course, he said there's nothing to it. All you have to do is put one tire in the hole and the other on the hard ground and you'll be FINE. RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT.

After about 30 minutes of debate, everyone walking around in the mud, and about 30 Malawians stopping to help on their way by, I decided it is not safe to boud through the muddy ditches. I made a three point turn in the tobacco field and headed on home.
On the way back we saw some of the woman and children from the village we tried to go to so they knew we tried. It was a crazy day which took about 5 hours.
We will try again next week so I guess you could say this story is to be continued.