Friday, August 5, 2011


Hey Everyone!

Thanks for waiting patiently for me to post another blog. Honestly, I wanted my last blog to explain what I will be doing for the upcoming school year and I just found out yesterday what I’ll be doing.

I loved everything about being in Malawi. That doesn’t mean that everything was fun and easy, but I don’t regret any of the hard times I went through. My first year in Malawi was filled with long hours in my classroom, confusing moments around the city, and lots and lots of learning. My second year in Malawi has been very different. I was able to build on what I did last year and felt like I could see the needs of those around me from a different point of view. I saw God work in my life in different ways everyday. My worldview was stretched and transformed as I was able to interact with other cultures and religions from around the world.

My favorite 2 babies from Crisis Nursery: Mateo and Peter

It is amazing to see the differences and similarities from the life I have always known in America compared to the lives of those in a third world country. The differences are the obvious ones. We live in air conditioned houses, all have a drivers license AND a car, and we don’t leave the house without being appropriately dressed for the occasion.

In Malawi many people live in mud huts in villages, walk to work, and many walk barefoot. The similarities took me longer to discover but all comes back to our human nature. When you bring food to a village, people will eat until they’re full, but beg for more. At first I didn’t understand this attitude. Then it hit me, Americans do the same thing. We have more then enough to be happy, but always feel as though we don’t have enough. Seriously, have you ever thought that life would be better if you had a nicer car, or could take better vacations? Yeah, so does everyone. It just comes in different forms. I was appalled by the way the woman and children acted in the village until I understood that I have acted the same way, and I have so much more!

In the village

I would like to ask you all to pray for African Bible College.Pray for the leadership and that all decisions will be God centered.

My 2-3rd grade ballet class (30 girls!)

Please pray for the village I went to. I threw a party in the village for my last time there. We had 2 goats prepared by the woman, and rolls sodas for everyone! About 10 chiefs from the surrounding villages joined us for our party. There, they asked me if I would like to stay and start a ministry on their land. They have a desire to learn more about the gospel. They desperately want to know more about Gods word and don’thave a solid foundation. I would love to go back and do something when I know it is what God wants me to do. Please pray that God will be present in their village and that the seed that was planted there will bloom and flourish.

Kim came to visit! And she helped SOOOOO much!

I made some amazing friends that I will keep for the rest of my life. Please pray for my transition back into the states. Please also pray for God’s direction in my own life as I continue to pray for my next overseas mission, and if there will be one. I know that serving God is my future, I just don’t know where he will lead me.

My friend Ben; recent ABC GRAD!

I have a job waiting for me in Jackson, MS as the assistant youth director at Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church. I’m excited and nervous to move and start a new chapter in my life. In my time in Malawi, I missed being with youth and young girls. I haven’t yet decided if I enjoy working with kids, or youth better. Maybe I just like both!

Thank you all for your continuous support in my 2 years away. I couldn’t have done any of it without the financial and prayer support of my friends back home. People asked how my health was when I was in Malawi. I told them all that I was surprisingly healthy and never got malaria. Mrs. Smith told me that her and her husband prayed almost everyday for the mosquito’s to stay away from me. I know that God listened to their prayers and so many others. Thanks again for everything! Please continue to pray for the amazing Malawians I left behind! God really is doing great things there!

Mom and Grayson came to visit! It was so much fun!