Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First day of school


I had my first full day of school today! My kids are cute and I only have 18! I have one Korean student who does not speak a word of English. That will be a challenge. I have another student from Lebanon that hasn't spoken to me yet. I don't think she speaks English very well either. I found out yesterday that I don't have an assistant in my class and was a little stressed out today. I was so nervous! You have to plan way ahead here because the power goes out all the time. I had to meet all of my parents with wet hair and make up I did in the dark because the power was out from 9PM-9AM. That means you have to make copies early for when the power goes out expectantly. I also still can't drive on the scary roads so its hard to get supplies I will need for later.

I wish you all could hear the Malawians worship. It is so joyful! The don't sing like Americans they SING! It is beautiful. In a village church on Sunday, the kids sang, then the teens, then the women sang lots of songs while moving and dancing. They use their entire voice and are not shy about it. Malawians are one of the shyer African countries but you can't tell when they worship! I think that's what heaven sounds like. I only wish I knew what they were saying!

My new friend Owen says he'll teach me cultural things like Zimbabwe cloth paintings. He is also going to teach me how to make Nsima. He is basically my tour guide. He drives me around because I A) can't, B) am too scared. The college students just started school this week as well and I have been meeting lots of them. I hope to make some close Malawian friends.

Sorry this is boring. Pictures to come!



  1. Sounds like you might have to learn Korean... haha...

    BTW: You should make a video of the worship service!

  2. Love these updates....keep them coming!

  3. Wow! Haha all I can say is wow to the last 2 posts! What you're doing is amazing, really. God is working well in your life right now and teaching you so much! This post made me cry.. It just gets me that they are one of the shyer countries but don't hold back when it comes to the Lord, I think that is just so cool.. and to be able to witness that, and to see the happiness that God betows upon people that really have so little. Such a blessing.
    Okay! Well I just wanted to share with you! Love you and miss you and praying for you!

  4. Not boring. I enjoy reading your posts. Praying for you.

    Mrs. Abell