Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I went to the Crisis Nursery down the street from the school a couple of days ago. There were 4 Malawian workers and 18 babies who couldn't walk yet. The kids are all orphans and babies that parents can't/wont take care of until they get older and are off formula. They were so cute and all despirate for attention! I want to go back everyday but my schedule right now doesn't allow it! I will post pictures of these precious babies as soon as I can.
Today we went to the market to shop for groceries and a chitenje which is a wrap the Malawian woman wear as a skirt, headdress, or baby carrier for their back. Malawians don't like when white people come in and take pictures of their poverty. As I walked through the tight, crowded market I held my camera at my side and tried to snap some pictures. Most of them came out blurred or of the ground but I got a couple of good ones. I wanted to show you all what the city looks like and how people make their livings.

This is a street in Lilongwe. People walk in it until a car comes right behind them and honks. A mini bus zoomed right past me and was about an inch away and I yelled and lost my breath! My life flashed before my eyes.

There are lots of people and kids along side the roads selling fruit and veggies. This little boy was so cute I had to get a picture of him!These ladies were so nice to use when we hardly knew any Chichewa. The Malawians speak Chichewa unless you can't understand them. Then they'll try to communicate to you. I thought I could get by only knowing English but I'm definitely going to try to learn the language. It sounds cool!

This is Usipa. They dried these little fishies and eat them like a snack. The fish market smelled horrible and flies went up my nose. You lose your will to shop for food once you come in because you want to throw up.

Women selling fruits and veggies

I really want to carry stuff on my head like this!!! Women carry everything on their heads! Suitcases, boxes, fruit, fabric,...

This is a witch doctor. I was with a Malawian girl from the college and she brought us right up to him to talk. He offered medicine but we didn't want to buy any so he got mad and told us to go. Honestly, the medicine looked like something I could have dug up from the ground for free, but what do I know. I was too scared to take a closer picture.

This is a bad pictures of the narrow paths through the market vendors. I'll put up more pics later.

It is very interesting trying to understand the Malawian culture. Many things they do in the bush are still a secret. Sometimes the Malawians at the college will write about traditional practices in their papers they turn into their professors and we get to hear about them. Most would be unheard of in America. I can write about some of those later too.


  1. Thanks for the posts and the pictures Whitney. It makes me feel like I am there with you.

  2. yes, good pics whot...gives us a glimpse into what you are living in everyday now! love you :)

  3. 1. I think it's funny that mom comments as Grayson. At first it confused me that Grayson would be using punctuation.
    2. So what you're saying is.... you could be a witch doctor in Malawi? Don't do it, that would make you a bad missionary.
    3. Please post pics of the babies... I'm dying here.
    4. Thanks for the pics of the other stuff... you crazy white girl with a camera!