Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I have my mailing address now for anyone who is interested. I meant to post it earlier but kept forgetting. Be careful sending anything too valuable over here. If there is something that looks appealing to someone delivering a package they might take it for themselves. Its kinda like every man for himself around here. Anyway, here it is:

African Bible College
P.O. Box 1028,
Lilongwe, Malawi

A good way to get something to me is to send it to the home office and when someone comes over they can bring it with them. Many people come and go throughout the year so we use them as our delivery men. That address is:

African Bible Colleges
5343 Clinton Blvd.
Jackson, MS 39209

If you remember, pray for me to get all of my classroom work done. We've had orientation everyday this week and it doesn't leave me much classroom time. It is a mess right now and I haven't even begun to look at what I'll be teaching yet.
The missionaries here go to bed early and wake up early. They'll be in bed by 8PM and up by 5! I'm learning quickly that sleep is hard to get if you don't plan it well. I'm exhausted. The sun comes up around 6AM and sets before 6PM. That leaves me a very short day to get work done before its dark and unsafe to walk around outside. All of the lights in my room and bathroom have burnt out as well so I have been lighting candles;-)
Pray for my worrying tendancy to subside and remember that God commands us not to worry about anything but to pray about everything.


  1. Whitney, know that I am committing to pray for you each morning and evening! This will be time that you will truly learn to lean on God and trust in God... remember that He is Sovereign and that you are there due to His providential planning! There are no mistakes, no accidents in God's economy! You have many people stateside that love you and are amazed at your bravery and compassion! 'all things work for the good of those that love Christ Jesus.'
    --Nancy aka Mrs. Robbins

  2. You worry? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! ;-)