Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm sorry I haven't written in a long time!
Last semester: I finished my first semester of teaching in Africa! I am more confident heading into the second semester knowing more of what is to come. That doesn't mean there wont be hurdles along the way though. My last week of school a boy pooped in his pants and tracked it all over the classroom before I figured out where it was coming from, a girl threw up in the doorway, and a little boy ran to the baby playground and I didn't know where he was! Kids can be unpredictable:-)
Christmas Break: Over Christmas break I moved out of the house I was living in to let another family move in. I was transported to a new house specially made for the "singles" on campus. I still do not have internet so I cannot guarantee when I'll get online again. I was able to go to Lake Malawi with two other girls for a couple days. It was beautiful! Vacationing isn't quite the same here. I sit on the beach and close my eyes to listen to the waves, and when I open them, there are 3 Malawians standing before me with paintings, jewelry, and cards they are selling. After getting annoyed the first 5 times my book reading was interrupted, I started seeing the humor of things and felt better. :-)
My spiritual life: I have been reading the Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers. If you haven't read them, you should. I haven't started the third book but the first two alone are almost too much for me to take in right now. There is a young Christian girl who is a slave right after the time of Jesus and goes to work for an aristocratic Roman family that worships many gods. Throughout the book I am struck by her unyielding faith in Jesus. She prays about everything and is a witness to everyone she encounters just by her obvious peace and joy. I have little faith. I want to be like her and love God more then myself. I am with so many Christians all the time here and don't always see the need to show the love of Jesus in my ever word. As I pray for the direction that I will go next year, I need constant reminder that the Lord has something in store for me. I want to decide NOW but need to wait on the Lord. Waiting hasn't always been my strong suit.
New Years Resolution: I decided that making a resolution to change something about myself, lose weight, wake up earlier, whatever, will probably not last for more then a couple weeks if that. Anytime I go out to eat I have decided to invite my waiter or waitress to church. I was too shy at first and it took me a couple times to get used to it, but it really isn't hard. I have had many people from the grocery store, market, and restaurants say they will check out my church. Just an idea for anyone who is interested. Every person I have invited so far has been excited to receive an invitation.

I pray my supporters are doing well! I'm sorry my writing is so choppy. Pictures wont load now, I'll try again another day.


  1. Stories about missionaries and poop are always funny. And yeah: The Mark of the Lion series is crazy powerful isn't it? Did mom send you those for Christmas?

  2. Always love a good poop story! Love the update! Excited about what you are doing. Praying for you and direction.

  3. Kids .... Can't live with them sometimes. haha!

    I love you so much.