Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Year Happenings

Hey Everyone!
I'm sorry I don't update often.
Things that have been going on:
I have had 2 full weeks back to school. I taught about plants and all the things they need to grow. Each of the kids got to see a bean grow in a glass jar and grow cress in an egg carton. Kids love to see the change in the plants everyday! I have had a couple kids absent due to sickness so please keep them in your prayers. Finn has a record of getting hurt about once a week so he has gained a new place at the top of my prayer book. His head is a magnet for other hard objects such as the merry-go-round, tile floor, and another kids head.
I'm working on choreographing two dances for our spring concert. Lots of kids have signed up for ballet this term and I'm very excited!

My kids did a skit in chapel about Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt and into the promise land. They did an amazing job and I was so proud! I wish I taped it but I didn't:-( I got a couple of not so good pictures though.

Moses singing "Pharaoh Pharaoh, OOOH baby let my people go UGH! YEAH YEAH YEAH!God leading the Israelites out of Egypt as a pillar of fire by night and a pillar of clouds by day (clouds are on the other side of the cardboard.)Pharaoh giving the lesson at the end. Then they all recited "rescue me from my enemies O Lord for I hide myself in you!

I was also involved in a puppet show this last week for chapel. I was the narrator/actor with the puppets. I felt like I was in Sesame Street. I don't have pictures:-(

Please pray for the village ministry that a couple of us have started. Our car broke down and we are no longer allowed to take it to the village since the roads are so bad. We're looking into bikes right now but they are expensive to get one for everyone. I don't want the devil to discourage us from bringing the word of God to these people who are so enthusiastic to learn how to read and more about Jesus. We're trying to turn in into an outreach sight for the college students so that it will continue even after us azungu (white people) leave Malawi.

Please pray for a new ministry that my roommate and I are starting next Sunday the 7th. Through the church I have been attending, we are starting a youth group/small group Bible study for teens. There is Sunday school for the kids and small groups for the adults, but we noticed there is nothing for the teens in the church. Now, there are only a few teens, but there might be more if we have this specifically for them. This group will consist of mostly expatriate kids from a private school called Bishop McKenzie. I feel like they have been neglected because most ministries are geared toward the widows and orphans, but none to the white kids who are getting involved in drugs, sex, and drinking. We will take whoever shows up though so please pray for them to be curious about what we're doing on Sunday nights. I'm planning on sharing my testimony for the first week and we are still looking for a good book to study. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

Please pray for my own selfish heart. God has been teaching me that it is not my job to correct and teach others how to live, but to love them. He will teach through my love. God didn't tell us to give tough love to others so that they learn what they're doing wrong. He simply said, love one another because I have loved you.

Thank you all for your constant support!
By the way, I got a plane ticket home for June 20! This is an answer to prayer because there are hardly any seats available right now! I got the last one! Praise the LORD!


  1. Oh, Finn! A good book for Youth is "More Than A Carpenter" by Josh McDowell. Or really, anything by Josh McDowell...

  2. Its so awesome to hear God is growing you to be more like him! You're beautiful!