Saturday, December 12, 2009

International Day

Here are some pictures I've been trying to upload for a while and they haven't worked. We had International Day the day after Thanksgiving to give thanks for us all being from different countries and being able to worship the same God. We tied it into how the pilgrims and Indians were very different but could come together and help each other. Although we are all from different countries, most of them have grown up in Malawi for most of their lives (they are only 6). Everyone

My little Zimbabweans. They live in a Zimbabwean village together and are best buds!

Lebanon. She is still learning English.

Canadian. Her parents are missionaries from Canada, but she was adopted from the crisis nursery in Malawi.

Americans. Their parents are ABC missionaries. Carey was actually adopted from Malawi as well.
Johanna my little German. She has a cute accent and the sweetest personality!:-)

Korean. He is so smart! He can read although he doesn't know yet what he is reading.

Austrailia. Another awesome accent.

Italy. He has a brittish accent so I'm a little confused with him.

Malawians. I love their dresses!

South Africans. Beautiful accents! They are best friends!


  1. great pictures!!! love seeing your students :)

  2. Awww! Good times! And, congrats on the gas!!! Does all of Malawi have gas now? I've been telling everyone I see to pray for the gas situation... I need to update them!

  3. Whitney! International day looked like so much fun! I am glad you finally got gas, I just caught up on your blog :). How was the Christmas program? I hope you managed to find some sort of tree and either way I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! P.S. any more tarantula eating creatures?

  4. Whitney great pics and they are all so cute. Hope you are having a great break happy 2010 :) Love the Weningers