Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Class

I have been promising pictures of my class so here they are! We had reading day on Friday so we all dressed up as our favorite book character! This is Bess and me.
Nathan-Malawian, Carey-Adopted from malawi by American missionary parents, Brandon-Malawian, and Finn-Australian
I had them all bring in blankets and pillows to relax around the classroom in as they listened to stories and read.

Obe One Kenobi, Pinocchio(My favorite), Pocahontas, Belle, Little Red Riding Hood, Little Bo Peep, Little Mermaid

Cinderella, Little Bear, Wizzard from Where's Waldo, Peter Pan, A Nook (from Dr. Seuss)

Fairy, Pink Little Ballerina, Barney, Monkey, Little Red Riding Hood

Alisa-Malawian but Adopted by Canadian parents, Nour- Lebonese
All of the classes had to do a fun picture for the year book. My class took one on a fire truck. The firemen were so nice and let us climb all over it and even ride in it with the sirens on!
Carey-Malawian, Eungi- Korean, Riccardo-Italian, Nathan- Malawian, Finn- Australian

I'm the Captain! I thought the firetruck picture would be appropriate because we have had to learn about fire safety and firemen for social studies this year. We've also had 3 fire drills so far.

I really enjoy my students! It is so much fun to get to know each one of their personalities! Almost everyday at recess now one of them will stay behind to talk to me. I love that time to talk even if it is just talking about their puppies or something. 2 of my little girls talk about living in a village and give me the details on that. They don't have electricity or running water. There's so much to learn from them! When I tell them to get their books from their cubbies, they will usually put them on their heads and walk back to their desks. They don't think anything of it but I always watch in amazement.
On Thursday for Bible I presented the wordless book and explained why we need Christ in our hearts. Not all of them come from Christian homes so I have to remind myself not to act like they should already know the simple things that are taught in Sunday School. Churches around here don't always teach very much of the Bible either. Many of them were very eager to pray to receive Jesus in their hearts so that was exciting!!! I am going to help in Sunday School tomorrow with some missionaries to see what that is like. It will last about 3 hours! I've never been to a 3 hour Sunday school class before but I'm sure it will be interesting!
Please pray that my kids will do well in their school work, they'll be open to Gods word, that I'll be a good teacher, and that I will be able to show Christ to them everyday even when i'm tired and cranky!
P.S. We found a dead rat under the bathroom sink! So gross! But hopefully it is the only one. I'll let you know if we find anymore...


  1. so glad to hear about your kids! how exciting! sorry about the rat :-(

  2. Whitney..........Glad to see in Africa you are still Dorothy. Did you show them your ease on down the road dance??????????love you, Joy wants the dancing for the King information.

  3. Whitney You are doing such a great job your kids are adorable :)

  4. I love reading your blog! Today I am going to read it to the girls. Still praying for you. :)

  5. Wow, your kids are so cute! Is the kid dressed as Barney 12 inches tall? haha... Pinocchio is hilarious... so is the Nook.

    I think you should start naming your household rats!

  6. haha actually he's only 3. He is a missionary kid who lives on campus and wanted to walk in the parade with my class haha