Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mother's Day Break

Happy Mother's Day!
October 15th was the Malawi Mother's Day. We got off of school Thursday and Friday and got to play! On Friday I went to Lake Malawi with a big group of missionaries from ABC.
It was nice to get off campus and see another side of malawi. I never knew a lake could be so pretty! I thought they were always infested with alligators and snakes but this one is like a freshwater ocean. There are hippo's in other parts of the lake but not where we were... I really wanted to see one but they're dangerous. I did see wild monkeys though!
They were running around the place we were staying! When we first arrived at the lake we sat under a hut on the beach before we swam. 4 little Malawian girls came and sat with us. Their ages ranged from 11-3. They were really cute and friendly and only the oldest one spoke some English. We soon realized they weren't there to hang out, just to get our money. I find it so sad that they are taught at such a young age that white people mean money, and they need to use their childish charm to get it from us. In return for money they will let you take a picture of them, sing a song, or play a hand game with you. It's so hard because I want to minister to those kids but cannot speak their language and I feel helpless.

Anyway, I just wanted to share another fun part of Malawi. I am happy for the break but ready to get back to work tomorrow. I miss my kids;-)


  1. Let me tell you something.........this white girl doesn't mean money, just ask my husband!! love ou

  2. Hey Whit,
    I finally figured out how to start an account. Yeah, I'm old!!!!! I love your blog and your pictures. It makes me feel like I'm there. Love you,