Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last couple Weeks of Chaos :)

Hey! this is Kim! I am here helping Whitney finish up the school year! I have been here a week and life has been really busy but its been fun :) The first thing i did was go to the crisis nursery! the babies were sooo cute! i kinda want to take one home! I became best friends with Chisomo, the baby i held for three hours.

The first half of the week was consumed with the year end dance show! we had lots of long rehearsals but it turned out great! Whitney is amazing :) it is funny doing a show here because it is WAY more difficult to get everything we need. At one point we thought we were missing a ballet skirt and Whitney almost had a heart attack because there is no way we could jus go out and get another one haha I felt like i was back at Many But ONE for the most part tho :) I did a lot of hair! and the kids really liked the Mousse cause they don't have that here haha ;) Now that the show is over life has gotten less stressful we had open house for the parents which turned out nicely! I LOVE all of Whitneys first graders they r soo cute! We went on a field trip to Kumbli and dont ask me or Whitney what this place is cause we still dont know. All i know is that we learned how to make yougurt and cheese, we looked at farm animals, we made clay pots, and we made brickets which is water and paper mushed into a ball. The kids had a great time, it was just really random :P We had a bus fiasco while we were there tho cause ABC had a team coming in and needed the field trip the bus driver left us haha and Whitney was making a ton of phone calls in order to get rides back to school. It all worked out tho and it was a great day :)
Another thing i love about Malawi is how the lights will randomly go out! i laugh because it happens all the time and people dont mention it ever. Even the kids jus go aww and continue on with life! but there r generators so they r never off for very long :)

Tomorrow we r throwing a fiesta for the kids cause they r learning about North America :) it will be fun! We r also working on report cards and cleaning up the classroom........only 4 more days of school! We r also throwing a party on Sunday for the church at the village that Whitney goes too. I am excited it will be fun! we have to buy a goat so that should be interesting!

Jus pray that we will finish everything as fast as possible and that Whitney will have an ok transition coming back to the States! Although she is excited to come home she is starting to get sad to leave everyone and her life here. Everyone loves her and really wants her to stay....Which i guess is a good thing ;)

p.s the pictures r random haha and it take forever to load them here so i didnt put very many ;)


  1. Yay Kim!!! Oo0o0o SO exciting to hear from you!!

  2. woo hoo thanks for the update kimmie! great to hear how you guys are doing :D