Friday, March 25, 2011

March Update

I just got back from the village after not being able to go since Christmas. The roads were horrible but we managed to get there. I was planning on seeing if we needed to put in extra support in the windows. Well, when we arrived, we didn’t see the church. Where the church used to be, there were some crops and weeds instead.
During the rainy season, the school, many houses, and the church fell down from the rain and a strong wind. The church supposedly found itself in line of a small river that had formed from the rain. The rains piled up waist deep and eventually, strong wind knocked down a whole wall. As the men went into the storm to collect long logs to hold it up, the other wall collapsed. They have saved the materials but will have to start from the bottom once again. The government fixed their homes and hopefully will fix the school as well. They have decided that the spot they originally put the church did not work well and the chief hasn’t told them where else they can build it. It is a different chief now and I’m hoping he still allows for it to be built. It was just a building, the church is a body of believers. Even so, I hope and pray they can have shelter over their heads during the different seasons that come.
Even without a church, we sat the kids against a hut with some shad and I taught about Hannah and her prayers to God. Meanwhile, Khuzwayo was able to gather the men and woman together while he preached salvation. I enjoyed hanging out with the kids as he finished up his sermon. Makes me not want to leave.
Speaking of leaving, I ask that if you remember, or as you read this, you pray for where God is sending me next. I have a couple of amazing opportunities in America that I am looking at, as well as the option of staying here. ABC needs a dance teacher and they are hard to come by in Africa. I want to go where God can use me the most and right now, I’m just waiting to see where that is. Whatever happens, I want to do some sort of missions, whether it’s in America or across the ocean.
On a random note, I saw a goat giving birth in the village today…….. how weird.
On a serious note, malaria isn’t just traveling through ABC but also through the village that I visit and an orphanage I was in last week. Many of the men have died in the village and a little girl in the orphanage. Please keep these people in your prayers.
My students seem to be doing great and haven’t gotten malaria. I hope their parents have given them the anti-malaria pills! My students seem to get funnier to me and I’m thankful for it because I’m getting tired and ready for Spring Break.
I have choreographed all of my dances and now still need to figure out costumes… which has turned into my least favorite thing to do in this world. At least I have some help and I’m hoping to get it figured out this weekend.
A college student and I am doing a Bible study on Romans with about 10 other people. I am loving it so far and enjoy every intense discussion about Gods wrath and how he shows us grace. It helps get me through the week.
Thanks for your prayers! They mean so much to me and everyone here!

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  1. Your life, work, and presence is a blessing to so many... God bless you.