Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A monthly update

Its been a long time. Sorry for that. Since my last post lots of things have happened but here are the highlights:

Last month was Reading Day.
Reading day is a day completely devoted to reading. I have been reading Pippi Longstocking to my kids so that is who I dressed up as. I ended up winning the girl teacher costume award! yay! I took the wires out of my hair half way through the day after I poked one of my barnacle like kids in the eye. Nothing bad happened, thank goodness! When I got home I desperately wanted to wash my hair but the water was only dripping out of the shower. I bucket washed it and it took me about 5 shampoo's and over an hour to get the red out. It was worth it!

I was also a part of a readers theater with some of the other teachers and played Baby Bear.

When I arrived back in August I found that the Chinchen's dedicated the old preschool room to my ballet classes! We have a couple mirrors and 2 of the barres I had made last year. I got 2 more 12foot ballet barres made and painted. Now it's feeling more like a ballet studio! I am currently working on choreographing 4 dances and teaching them for the Christmas show.

The Christmas show........
I am busy getting details ready for the show coming in only 7 weeks. My biggest job right now is figuring out angel costumes for 300 students. Something I have no experience doing. I am also working on making the flyer so that the students can have a design contest. I will choose a couple of cute ones and display them around campus. Then, the winner will be used as the program for the show.

The village program is going well! They have finished making the bricks for the church and just began putting them up. In a couple of weeks I hope they will be ready for us to put on a roof. I am praying that someone shows up in my life that can guide me through this process in a way to not confuse me completely. I am hoping to ask my growth group when it gets closer to the time to help me with this.

My growth group is a small group from my local church. We meet at my house every Monday night and discuss the sermon from Sunday. We also pray and share. I've enjoyed getting to know the people in my group and doing outreaches with them.

We are planning to do a girls outreach in a couple of weeks. We will invite the girls basketball team to my house for a chick flick and FOOD. I'm hoping we'll get a good response and can make some more girls feel welcome at the church.

Parent teacher conferences are this week. I will meet with each parent to discuss their child's report card. This is NOT my favorite time of the year, but I know it is needed.

It is getting HOT. I seemed to have forgotten how hot it was before the rains start. I'm hoping they start soon to give some relief to my hard working students. We call all become a bit grouchy when we're sweating through our clothes during math. I have a hard time staying after school when all I want to do is jump in the pool!

Chop-chops and roaches are in full bloom around here. We have killed 2 chop-chops already in the last couple of weeks. These are gross spider/crab things that I have never seen anywhere but here.

I just wanted to update you on how things are going. Please pray that all of the details are completed for the Christmas show! Pray for my sanity through it and that the kids will learn so much more then how to act and sing on key. Please pray for myself as a teacher. That I would be able to teach the information in a clear and fun way that they can all understand and remember. Almost all of the kids have moved up their reading score drastically since the first day of school!

I hope everyone on the other side of the world is having a fantastic Fall!


  1. Wow wow wow! you are busy! Those chop chops look scary! I'm going to show those pictures to my class. We pray for you every day! :)

  2. Bahaha! I love the photo of you with the other teachers! You look a little more excited than the rest of them!

  3. Wow Whitney! What an amazing teacher you are!! They are never going to let you leave there! I love the updates and photos... I always forget about the blog unless I see someone post the website. I just posted it on my FB account so others can see all your hard work, amazing things you're seeing like that nasty nasty rats on a stick and those huge spiders... yikes, I'm SO not cut out for Africa I'm afraid! :0) Know I'm praying for you! --Mrs. Robbins

  4. Love these pictures and this post but I love you the most ;)

    Cheesey but true...praying for you!