Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jesus is in Heaven!

I have so much to blog because I haven’t in so long!
The staff at ABC wanted to make Easter week a memorable one for the students. Easter is why we do what we do. It is why we sing songs in chapel, it is why we learn scripture, it is why we love Jesus. We love him because he first loved us. Each day of the last week before Easter break was made special by an ABC college student teaching our Bible lesson. This was followed by a craft. I am not patient enough to do a fun craft everyday of the week so this was a special treat. The teachers thought it would be fun to get balloons and helium for the last day before Easter break. The plan was to let them go up to heaven to remind us that Jesus not only died for us, but he also rose again and ascended into heaven. As the day approached, we realized it would be much harder to get helium then we thought. We sent out a flyer to all of the parents asking if they had any idea where we could find it. Thank goodness, a parent knew where to find some helium. As we handed out the balloons to the anxious children, I realized from their amazed faces that this treat was more special then I thought. Only 2 children from my class had ever seen a balloon float before. Sure they’ve seen balloons before, but none that they had to hold on too to keep it from flying away. I was struck by their kindness when a preschooler didn’t have a balloon and most of my students volunteered to share theirs. They were told to keep quiet because the big kids were having their chapel not too far away, but they couldn’t contain their enthusiasm for very long. They watched the balloons ascend into the clouds, and, up to God just like Jesus did.

During Easter week I had my students write about why it is important that Jesus rose from the dead. They all had answers that said it is important because it saves me from my sins. But these two were my favorite:

Why is important that Jesus rose? It is important because he will
save us and he can't save us wen he is dead thats why.

It is important because he wanted to save our sins and he also wanted to save the bag guys.~ Alicia

Alicia failed to remember our discussion that sin makes us all bad guys, but I love the fact that she understands that Christ came for the ungodly. Something we have talked about alot.

Let them know that you, whose name is the Lord- that you alone are the most high over all the earth. Psalm 83:18