Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wordless Book

Friday was my class's turn to sing a song for chapel. Well, we are an ambitious class so we sang two songs! One is a fun song I taught this summer in VBS and then this one. Somehow, as I was making sure they were all bathroomed, tucked in, and zipped I forgot my camera. So we taped this in the classroom specially for you;-) I love it because since the first week of school I have sung this song to them with the wordless book and we talk about what all of the colors mean. They were able to explain it to the other classes before singing it in chapel. We learned that even though we might not be able to speak everyone elses languages around us, we can still tell them about Jesus through 5 colors. Enjoy.


  1. OH MY HEART! I love this! Thank you so much for sharing! What a blessing you are to these precious children....


  3. I loved this video-I taught some of your kids when they were in Reception: Bess, Ricardo, Carey, Alecia, Malaika, and a few others. Please if you can, tell them that Mrs. Robbins says hello and that I am having another baby!!
    I miss my kids so much. It is encouraging to me to see that they are still being loved and cared for by others like you. I am praying for you these last few weeks!!!